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Microsoft Features Forte' Project in New Case Study


Microsoft Corporation has released a new case study featuring the work of Alabama-based Forte' Incorporated. The project featured is called LifeTrac and was produced for Forte' client BREMSS (Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical Services System).

MicrosoftCaseStudyThumb.jpgMicrosoft writes and distributes case studies to show how Microsoft technologies have helped businessesss increase productivity, improve collaboration and communication, and streamline organization management. Case studies are made available from Microsoft's website and are also distributed worldwide to partner, clients and potential clients.

“We are extremely pleased to have one of our projects selected by Microsoft as an example of technical and business excellence. This case study recognizes Forte's expertise and impact in the technology marketplace,” said Glenn S. Phillips, Forte' President. “Our team is able to provide this level of value and excellence to all of our clients in a variety of industires..”

A summary from the case study:

After a University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital study found most severe trauma patients weren’t taken to the optimal hospital for treatment, the Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical Services System (BREMSS) took action to improve the situation. Working with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Forté Incorporated, BREMSS created a solution that provides first responders with real-time reports of hospital resources and availability. The LifeTrac solution uses Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 on the server side and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on workstations in the hospitals.

Previously only 40 percent of severe trauma patients were taken to an emergency room appropriate to their injuries. Now 98 percent are correctly routed, helping to reduce trauma fatalities by 12 percent. More than 28,000 critical trauma and stroke patients have benefited from the system.

Click here to view this study.

The complete Microsoft case study is also available on the Microsoft website at:

Posted on Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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