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Guest Speakers

forte_inc_tom_wofford.jpgDoes your group, meeting or convention need a guest speaker or panelist?

Perhaps an article for your newsletter?

Forté Incorporated can provide a speaker or article on the many timely topics!

Our presentations are tailored to your group: non-technical or technical. Our past presentations and columns have discussed various topics and associated business, management, marketing and better communication.

If you have a specific interest, we will be glad to work with you!  For more information, please call (205) 985-1111.

A few topics we can present (or ask if you have something in mind):

  • How Nerds Steal Your Power: Secret ways your technology vendor (or staff) can leave your business at their mercy.
  • Corporate Magicians: The value, cost and dangers of “the misunderstood” in business (and some tips on avoiding this).
  • Surprised by the Expected: Why companies are often surprised by the predictable (and tips to limit these surprises).
  • Technology and Business - Expense or Investment?
  • What to Look for (and Avoid!) in a Computer Consultant (the rules we use when we hire!)
  • Common Costly Business Misconceptions and Mistakes about Technology
Looking for something else?  Call us at (205) 985-1111


Media Quoting Our Staff

Just a sample of media that have quoted our staff in the last two years...

  • Wall Street Journal
  • My Business Magazine
  • Entrepreneur
  • ABC News Now
  • Fortune Small Business
  • Psychology Today
  • D&B Small Business Solution
  • MSN
  • AOL
  • Birmingham Business Journal
  • ComputerWeekly.com
  • Data Center Management
  • Fox Business - Small Business Center
  • ComputerWorld.com
  • InfoWorld.com
  • ITWorld.com
  • MacWorld.com
  • ARN
  • Reseller News
  • The Salt Lake Tribune
  • Green Bay Press Gazette
  • Honolulu Advertiser
  • News-Press (Southwest Florida)
  • Ragan.com
  • Techmania.com
  • YourSecurityResource.com
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